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Allow us to share our years
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 and how to avoid foreclosure,
using a Home Selling Strategy
called a Real Estate Short Sale.

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Before we proceed, please allow us to ask that you take the following material seriously.  Please, take your time, read it thoroughly, all the way to the last word at the end.

Please don't get frustrated with all the details or the length of this material.  We know there is a lot to read here, but its because we want you to be informed.  After all, this involves you making one of the most important decisions in your lifetime, and you need to know, the help of various professionals we partner with, will make your decisions a lot easier for you to make.

Few agents go into this detail with homeowners, they just want you to list with them, and have the trust that they can get the home sold.  After all, what can they explain if they don't know themselves.  That's where advanced training and practical experience comes in!


If You Qualify For A Short Sale, There Are Things
You Immediately Need To Know:

 With few, if any exceptions:
  • REALTOR Commissions should cost you NOTHING.
  • Closing Costs should cost you NOTHING.
  • Delinquent Property Taxes should cost you NOTHING.
  • Repairs required for Loan Approval should cost you NOTHING.
  • Occupying the home should cost you NOTHING.

                      Don't Put This Off
               Call and Let Us Help

Unlike a lot of Real Estate brokers & agents, we view this as a team effort, You, our legal partners, and us

Our approach to Short Sales is unlike 98% of the brokers and agents in this industry.  You will learn how important that is, as we proceed.

You see, we represent a top 1% of agents in this country who have invested considerable time into training and gaining both the knowledge and experience the past years in order to to represent you with knowledge, skills, abilities, and resources, that gives us a distinct advantage, to obtain a successful outcome with the Short Sale process.

With that, let's begin --  Call Us Now at 425-344-2222


These adverse economic times have brought about a lot of financial hardship to folks all across our country and right here in our local community.  Nobody I know, is truly immune to the potential of losing their property for one reason or another. 

Many have had to make some adjustments to shore up their own financial positions, so they don't succumb to what seems so inevitable, to so many families close to us.

A FEW YEARS AGO, the Short Sale concept was not a well known process.  Even today it has not been thoroughly understood by the masses, including Real Estate brokers or agents, or other industry employees.

It remains however, a very serious issue we are deeply committed to, and we are doing all we can, to inform the general public, how a properly executed Short Sale, can in fact, help distressed Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure. 

Matter of fact, we hope, once you have read this information here on this site, that you will tell your family, friends, and work associates, that we have several websites that will give them the knowledge to make an informed decision, as to whether...

a Loan Modification or a Short Sales is something they should consider!

Please share these websites with everyone you know:

Everett Short Sales:                    
Kirkland Short Sales:                   
Seattle Short Sales:   
Short Sales Online:                 
Short Sales WA:                         
Snohomish County Short Sales: 

(www.EverettShortSales.com)(www.KirklandShortSales.com)   (www.SeattleShortSales-Online.com)   (www.ShortSales-Online.com)
(www.ShortSales-WA.com) (www.SnohomishCountyShortSales.com)

Missed Mortgage Payments?
Worried About Losing Your Home?
You Have Options and We Can Help!
Act Now to Avoid Foreclosure!

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By the way, we know how to turn all this negative into a positive outcome.  We need to buckle down, stare  adversity in the face, analyze the situation as it is, then through extensive training, collaboration with those in the real estate, legal,  and banking industries, to carve out a solution that is mutually palatable, and acceptable to you and your family.

We'll have the answer! 
So take a deep breath. 
Fill your lungs with fresh new air,
and, let's discuss steps that will
give you renewed hope for the future

 Make No Mistake About It…
 You Must Take Steps To
Avoid Foreclosure Right Now!

Let's turn all this negative
 into a positive outcome!

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As we have said earlier...
there's a home selling strategy called
a Real Estate Short Sale

So sit back and relax,
 We're going to tell you all about it,
and show you how it can Avoid Foreclosure!


So keep reading --- you’ll soon learn critically important facts and strategies about doing a loan modification or a short sale, that will ensure you get your loan modification or short sale done properly, and without a lot of hassle.

I am Beryl Gosney, and head of a very successful Short Sale Team in the Puget Sound area.  We are very easy to reach and  we can assist you 24 hours a day.  Pick up the phone and dial (425)-344-2222. 

Not only are we real estate professionals, who take our business very seriously, we hope to earn your trust and your loyalty as a friend.  We hope you will tell others about our team so we can help any friends, family, or work associates you know, who need either Loan Modification or Short Sale services to Avoid Foreclosure, or are first time home buyers, or established home owners who are fortunate to be financially sound.

Since beginning our real estate careers, our team members have helped hundreds of families sell their homes quickly and with the least amount of hassle using powerful home selling strategies including real estate short sales.

As a result, we’ve learned a lot about real estate agents, attorneys, appraisers, home inspectors, buyers, banks, mortgage brokers, home sales, and short sales, that we want to share with you.

And we promise…

EVERYTHING you’ll learn, will help you with your particular situation… if you follow our advice and the advice of our partnering Legal Law Team!


But, before we continue,
 we need to say something very important!

If you’re already behind on your payments,
especially more than a month or two,
you should stop reading right now
Call (425)-344-2222
anytime day or night.

By acting fast, and, with the right expert help, it’s still possible to save  your home from foreclosure… even if a Trustee Sale is but a few days away.  The sooner you call, the greater the likelihood you'll succeed!     

The likelihood of failure increases, the longer you wait to contact us!

Discover quickly and easily, on exactly what to do in your particular situation....

Just Call (425)-344-2222.  If we don't immediately answer, please leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we possible can.

Before you know it, by reading the information on this site, and speaking with us by phone, you’ll discover:

  • Why your lender will help you sell your home, even if you owe more than its worth
  • How to save your credit and attempt to erase your debt
  • Why banks don’t want to foreclose on your home
  • Why, on the flip side, banks will foreclose on your home
  • How to sell your home in a tough market
  • Why most real estate brokers and agents simply can’t help you
  • Why you should never use a mortgage broker to do a real estate short sale
  • AND much much more…

If your situation is not yet critical, then simply keep reading right here, and you’ll soon learn specifics of a Short Sale, the many ways you can benefit from a Short Sale and exactly what to do in your particular situation.

And of course you’ll learn what NOT to do, as this is very important too.

So please let us give you the tools and resources to make sure you can get your current home sold, thus avoiding the horrible thought of a foreclosure


Note these statistics...

       - Less than 50% of homeowners facing Foreclosure,
        ever contact their lender to attempt resolution.

      - About 95% of these same homeowners refuse to       
        answer incoming calls from their lender.

      - Just a couple yeasrs ago, over 50% of the     
         Homeowners we talked to, have no idea what a
         Short Sale was.  

      -  As the media shares this in the daily news, thankfully
         now, more and more folks are hearing the word
         "short sale" mentioned in the foreclosure discussion. 

       - Folks are beginning to realize that an approved Short
         Sale is truly the preferred alternatives to a
         Foreclosure, especiallyt if the homeowner is unable
         to favorably refinance or obtain a loan modification.


One Call Does It All

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Some Facts...

      - A Short Sale is a Process for Qualified Sellers Who
       have a bonafide financial hardship.

     - You Can Usually Live In the Home and make no
        payments, before having to vacate just before
        closing!  (just maintain it and don't damage it.)

     - You generally pay No Real Estate Commissions,
        No Taxes, No Closing Costs as you normally
        would, if you had equity in the home!



Short Sale vs. Foreclosure

In the table below are illustrated some of the more notable differences, benefits and
disadvantages Short Sales and Foreclosures present in relation to each other.



Short Sale


Credit Score

Minimal affect on credit score (usually around 50 points). Late payments commonly have the largest negative impact, averaging 30+ points each.

Foreclosure stays on your record for 10 years, and could lower your credit score by at least 300 points.

Credit History

Credit reports do not have a way to denote Short Sales, and typically mortgage companies report Short Sales as "Paid", "Paid as Negotiated" or "Settled"

Foreclosure remains on your credit score for 10 years, and is permanent in public county records.

Current Employment

Credit reports do not reflect Short Sales as an actual item, and typically Short Sales will not affect future employment.

Employers do have the right to check your credit report, and often do so for sensitive positions. Foreclosure can be considered grounds for re-assignment or termination.

Future Employment

Credit reports do not reflect Short Sales as an actual item, and typically Short Sales will not affect future employment.

Employers commonly check the credit history of job applicants. Foreclosure is frequently viewed as a "black mark", and could impact future employment opportunities.

Future Loan Opportunities

Typically borrowers do not have to declare to mortgage companies they have performed a Short Sale.

Loan application form 1003 (a mandatory federal form) requires borrowers to to answer "YES" to the question "Have you had property foreclosed upon or given title or deed in lieu thereof in the past 7 years?". Answering "yes" affects the interest rate you will receive.

Future Loans for Primary Residences (Fannie Mae)

After a Short Sale you can be eligible for a Fannie Mae loan after only 2 years.

After a foreclosure you not be eligible for a Fannie Mae loan for at least 5 years.

Future Loans for Non-Primary Residences (Fannie Mae)

After a Short Sale you can be eligible for a Fannie Mae loan after only 2 years.

After a foreclosure you not be eligible for a Fannie Mae loan for at least 7 years.

Judgment of Deficiency

Lenders typically to give up the right to pursue a deficiency judgment against the borrower (which is stated in approval letters). As well, is not legal to collect in many states, including Washington.

The bank has the right to pursue the deficiency judgment in all foreclosures (except in states where there is no deficiency)

Deficiency Amount

Short Sales are often done at (or near) market value, and in most cases a Short Sale's price is greater than the value of a foreclosure's price, which results in a lower deficiency. Moreover, deficiencies are often forgiven. Helping to cut your lender's loss is also the ethical thing to do.

Should a home not sell at the foreclosure auction, it will have to go through a bank's REO system. In the end, this will take a longer time, and could potentially result in a higher deficiency judgment for the homeowner.


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At the Same Time We Share All This Info...
You Need To Also Know, Be Aware of the
Importance of Selecting the Right Agent
 To Manage your Short Sale:

Most real estate agents
 simply are not qualified or experienced enough

to close Short Sales in A Timely Fashion!
But it's Not Their Fault nor the Lack of Trying!

It's Clearly Because Our Industry Does Not
Provide The Proper Training Perspective
to Achieving Short Sale Success!

Less than 2,000 Agents in this country, out of a million agents,
(less than 2/10th of a 1 per cent of all real estate agents in the USA)
have ever been exposed to training from a banking industry insider.

Don't you suppose, if you had the privilege of being trained
by a loss mitigation specialists, or insider who was the top in their field,
that your short sale closing success would be far greater as a result!

Darn Straight and that's the difference, when it comes to
success and failure, in the Short Sale business.
So let's talk for a moment about choosing the right agent!

When choosing an Agent,
its is Vital They Have the
Knowledge - Skills - Abilities
to Achieve Short Sale Success!

  • Be sure they have Short Sale experience

  • Ensure they have had training by a Loss Mitigator

  • Ensure they have other professionals they consult
    with and can refer you to if necessary for/to
    legal services, CPA's, property managers,
    loan officers, inspectors, credit advisors, etc

  • Ensure they are willing to use a Legal Negotiator
    if they don't have negotiating experience.

  • Be Sure They have the Inside Financial Tools
    to demonstrate their saavy to the Loss Mitigators
    who otherwise bluff agents all the time.

  • Be sure They Know The Numbers!  And when hearing that, they know exactly what is meant! 

  • Be sure the Agent is just as committed to your
    Short Sale success as you are!

 We Encourage You to Call Us.
 We Qualify on Every Bullet Point!
 We Know You Are Needing Our Help
 And, We Are Committed To
 Helping You Any Way We Can!

 Will You Call Us Right Now?
 Time is of the Essence.
 Let's Put All This Behind You!

 So make that call today...

We need to determine, right away,
If you qualify for a Short Sale.
CLICK HERE and you will see
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to fill out and submit.

It  normally takes only about 10 - 12 minutes to answer all of the questions.
Then you can relax and we can go through the short sale process the following day.

 To Quickly & Easily Learn
 If A Real Estate Short Sale
 Is Right For You In Your Situation

 Call (425)-344-2222
Let's see what we can do for you. 

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 And Remember, What We Noted Earlier...
Most Real Estate Agents Don't Really Know
 How To Do A Real Estate Short Sale!

Most Won't Admit It, Or Even Worse,
Most Don't Know What They Don't Know!

The truth is...
most brokers & agents
don't sell very many homes
 these days and are only in
real estate PART-TIME.

According to the most recent statistics we've seen from the National Association of Realtors, the average agent sells
 only 2.74 homes per year.

Teams I led in the past, would not
be considered, unless they sold
 at least that many a month!

Would you hire a part-time doctor to do surgery on your family?

Of course not, but that is exactly what most home sellers do when selling their most valuable asset --- their home.

For something as complex
as a real estate short sale,
 you need a specialist!
So give us a call...
Over 2000+ hours of training
Certified as a Short Sale Negotiator!

                                           HELP ME HELP YOU
                                      It starts with a phone call.

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Beryl Gosney,
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Certified Internet Proficiency Expert (ePro)
Certified Veterans Real Estate Specialist (VRES)

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"the voice of experience"
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